If you want to help plan or execute GSEG events or make GSEG resolutions, you can by becoming a member of the GSEG General Board! The GSEG General Board consists of Department/Program Representatives and Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) Representatives. All such representatives have a vote on the General Board.

Two Department/Program Representatives are appointed by each individual department/program in SEAS every year. Ask your department/program student governments or representatives how you can get involved! Current representatives are listed here (hyperlink to current board members page).

GAPSA Representatives are elected by the GSEG General Board during the first meeting of the fall semester. Two PhD students and four Master’s students are elected. Current representatives are listed here (hyperlink to current board members page).

If you have any questions about Department/Program Representatives and GAPSA Representatives, feel free to contact GSEG Vice President at gseg.vicepresident@gmail.com.

If you want to volunteer at GSEG events but are not interested in joining the GSEG General Board, please email gseg.socialevents@gmail.com with your name and department/program to have your name and contact information added to the volunteer list. The Social Coordinator will contact you if your help is needed at any GSEG events!

If you want to participate in the discussion of GSEG resolutions or raise any concerns about GSEG (or any other aspect of your graduate student experience here at Penn) as a non-voting member, please join us at GSEG General Board meetings, which are open to the public.